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SGA Podfic (Don't Fall Asleep!)
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Stargate: Atlantis podfic of the gen, het and femslash variety
This is a community meant to showcase non-slash SGA-related podfic. That's not to say that there's anything wrong with slash (of the McShep and non-McShep varieties)! It's just that the main SGA podfic comm is primarily slash, and we're looking for someplace that we can post other varities of fic: gen, het, and femslash (m/m slash is allowed; however, it cannot be the main or only 'ship of the story). Crossposting is encouraged! Because we're all fans of the same show, right?

If you're podficcing a story that you haven't written, please be certain you have the writer's permission before you begin recording. Thank you!

Template format
The template format we'd like everyone to use is located here

Quick-n-dirty WTFaq:
*Podfic = A portmanteau of "iPod" and "Fanfic" (similar to how "Podcast" is a mashup of "iPod" and "Broadcast"). It is an mp3 recording of someone reading Fanfic, sort of like an Audiobook.

*You do not need an iPod for podfic. Since most people record mp3s, the files can be played with just about any playback program (Winamp, iTunes, etc) or portable device (iPod, iRiver, etc)

Podficcing helpful links!
Many can be found here, in the [Helpful Things] tag

Your friendly neighborhood mods are havocthecat, lanna_kitty, and oparu.